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Before we start explaining about garage door openers in Irondequoit, first we would like to emphasize the importunacy of safety when it comes to garage door openers repair and installation in Irondequoit, whether it is garage opener in New York, garage motor repairs is Monroe County, or anywhere else: Please be aware, that an automated garage door in Irondequoit, which sometime service us many times during the day, can be dangerous. If there is something wrong with your garage door opener in Irondequoit, or any other part of the garage door for that matter, please stop using the garage door, and contact a garage door supplier in Monroe County to come to you, and inspect the garage door. If you are looking for a company in Irondequoit that offer same day garage door repair service, you just found what you are looking for, since we Irondequoit Garage Door Repair offer same day garage door services for all overhead doors in New York, Rochester NY, Monroe County, Webster New York and Rochester NY.

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Garage Door Opener Types in Irondequoit

There are 3 main garage door openers you can find in Irondequoit, and we can service all of them.

Chain drive opener: This opener is one of the most popular garage openers in Irondequoit. It is working using a steel chain that move along the rail and moving a trolley, which push and pull the door whenever we instruct the opener to do so. It considered to be a reliable opener and can be found in many houses in Irondequoit. With the right use, the chain drive opener in Irondequoit should last for 15-25 years, when it was installed by a trained garage door technician in Irondequoit, and as long it was created by a reliable opener manufacture such as Lift Master who offer high quality garage door openers in Irondequoit.

Belt drive opener: The second best seller of the openers in Irondequoit is the belt-drive opener. It works the same way the chain drive garage operator works only that in the Belt opener the steel chain is replaced with a rubber belt which make it quitter than the chain drive opener. Although a bit more expensive than other garage openers in Irondequoit, when you bring in account that it can easily last for more than 20 years in Irondequoit, you should consider it if it is important for you to an opener that will operate in a silent way. We supply high quality belt drive garage openers in Irondequoit, such as Lift-Master Belt drive openers, which can come with battery backup, I cases when there is no electricity in the garage, but you would still like to use your garage door in NY automatically.

Screw drive opener: This opener based on a much simpler mechanism and although they are becoming less and less popular in houses in Irondequoit, from the three options, they are the easiest to install and to operate, especially if you are planning to purchase the opener and to install it yourself and not using a professional garage door opener installer. If you live in Irondequoit and you own a screw-drive garage opener, and you are experiencing troubles operating it, contact us for same day service since we can fix all types of garage door openers in Irondequoit.


If there is something wrong with your garage door in Irondequoit, it should not be used automatically. Only when a door is working perfectly when it is being used manually, it should be connected to the garage opener.


Which opener do I need if I live in Irondequoit?

There isn’t a simple answer to that question. Every opener manufacture in Irondequoit will probably say that they have the best openers in Irondequoit. We are not here to decide which one offer the best garage opener in Irondequoit. But what we can help you with is to choose from the 3 openers that we described above the best opener for you. Especially if you live in places like Irondequoit or one of the other boroughs, where the garages are usually equipped with extension spring system which is the most common spring system for residential garage doors in New York.
If you live in Irondequoit, and you prefer a quiet opener (in cases when the garage door is installed below or inside the house), then you should aim for the belt drive opener for your garage door in NY. If you don’t care about the noise (or prefer to hear the garage door whenever it is being used) we recommend that you will go with the chain drive opener for your garage door in New York (cheaper than the belt, and some will say even stronger). And if you are interested in purchasing and install the opener yourself, we recommend you to purchase the screw drive opener, which is the easiest to install and operate from all the openers you can find in garages in Irondequoit.
About the garage opener brand. After many years of servicing garages in Irondequoit, we learned that Lift Master is a brand we can trust to work for many years with no issues, and that will open your garage door in Irondequoit whenever you are going to need it. All you need to do is to make sure that the garage door and its mechanism itself is fine, and the opener will work for many years, like every garage opener we installed in Irondequoit is working.

Opener Safety Sensor Repair Irondequoit

By a federal law, every automated garage door in Irondequoit, or anywhere else in America, should include safety feature! No matter if it is a garage door in Monroe County, or garage door repair in Irondequoit NY, every opener installation in Irondequoit should include safety feature which protect someone, something or even the door itself from breaking or injuring someone in case the closing door hit them.
The most popular safety feature you can find in residential garage doors in New York is the laser safety sensors. The safety sensors in automated garage doors in NY are installed on each side of the door, usually no more than 6 inches from the ground, and should reverse the moving garage door in case something is located on its path. If you own an automated garage door, and there are no safety sensors installed, contact a garage door company in NY to come and install them for you. The door may work fine without them, but it is not safe, since every automated garage door in Irondequoit should include safety sensors.

How the safety sensors work?

The garage door safety sensors have no part in operating of the garage door, but have a big part in the safe use of the door. And that works for every garage door whether it is a garage door in New York, a garage door in NY or anywhere else. If something blocking the door’s path, like a car, pet, or a person, it will block the invisible laser beam between the 2 sensors at the same time the door is going down and closing, the garage door will stop its movement and reverse to open position. If you live in Irondequoit and there are no safety sensors installed in your garage, please contact a local garage door company in Irondequoit to come and install safety sensors for you.

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Safety sensor repairs New York

Many times while using your garage door in NY, the safety sensors can be the reason for many issues and prevent your garage door from closing all the way. Many of the service calls we receive from our customers in Irondequoit are about garage door safety sensors troubleshooting. But no matter how annoying it may be, you should never remove or cancel the safety sensors. They are there for your protection, and for that one day when they will prevent damage, injury and even death, you should never remove them. If you are experiencing garage door safety sensors issues in Irondequoit, call us and we will try to help you fix the problem. We fix all garage door issues in Irondequoit and safety sensors troubleshooting is something we do on a daily base in Irondequoit.

Garage opener problems NY

The reason why a garage door opener in Irondequoit stop working are many. From a safety sensor issue in Monroe County, through someone who forgot to release the garage door lock in Monroe County, to a garage door opener issue in Roslyn there are many potential problems. Some you can fix by yourself, and for some you will have to need the services of a local garage door company in Irondequoit.

Garage Opener Troubleshooting Irondequoit

Often we receive calls from customers in Irondequoit, telling us that there is something wrong with their garage opener. And if they are located in Irondequoit, they are local to us, and we arrive at the place within an hour. To us it doesn’t matter if you need a garage door repair in Monroe County, or a garage door in Huntington Irondequoit, with our same day garage door opener repair service, we can fix any garage door in Irondequoit today. When we arrive to inspect the garage door, we find that the problem isn’t a problem with electric opener, but a different type of problem, usually a broken spring or a snapped cable. But if they will insist to try and use the door with the problem, they will eventually destroy the opener as well.  

In order to understand why it may seem like there is something wrong with the opener itself, you need to know that the garage door opener in Irondequoit is not what make it easy to open and close the garage, but it is actually the garage door spring system. And when something is wrong with the spring system like if the spring broke or one of the cables snapped, or if you did not maintain your garage door in Irondequoit on time (Garage door in Irondequoit should be lubricated every 6 months), it is only a matter of time before the opener won’t be able to lift the door without the help of the springs, since it is something that it is not supposed to do. So if there is a problem with your garage door in Irondequoit, contact a garage door repairman in NY ASAP to come and fix it for you. If you will not do that, soon you will need to install a new garage opener in Irondequoit.

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To someone who isn’t familiar with the garage door industry – in Monroe County or anywhere else in Irondequoit - it may seem like the opener is having hard time lifting the door, and from there, it is easy to assume that there is something wrong with the garage opener. But to us, who installed and repaired countless garage openers in Irondequoit, it is easy to locate the problem and repair it even if it is not the opener. To make it clear, we can say that: If the garage door in Irondequoit is not working perfectly when you use it manually – without the electric opener - you shouldn’t use it automatically before addressing the issue and fix the problem. Only when a garage is operating perfectly when it is being used manually, you can go ahead and connect it to the operator. And that goes for every Overhead door in NY, residential and commercial.
Irondequoit Garage Door Repair specialize in all types of garage openers repair in New York. From commercial overhead motor in Irondequoit, to new garage opener installation, we can help, and if you are located in Irondequoit, we can even do that today.

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Fix garage door opener New York

Sometime we will choose to completely replace the garage door opener instead of fixing it. There are different garage openers in Irondequoit, some are relatively new and some were installed many years ago. Fixing the current garage opener is not always the best decision, in terms of cost vs value. If a garage opener in Irondequoit is more than 20 years old, we will choose to replace it instead of fixing it. From our experience, after 20 years of fixing garage openers in Irondequoit, we have learned that if the opener is too old, it is only a matter of time before other parts will break. So we recommend to you to completely replace it, instead of calling a garage door company in NY every 2-3 months to come and repair the opener.
If there are no safety sensors installed we will not fix the garage opener or the garage door. By law, every automated garage door in Irondequoit should include a safety feature such as laser safety sensors. If there are no, we will install them for you, and if it is not possible, we will not be able to fix the opener.
If the opener wasn’t installed correctly. We sometime see garage openers in Irondequoit which were installed by a handy man in Irondequoit, or by someone who isn’t trained and experienced in installing garage openers in Irondequoit. In the case we will have to remove the opener and install it correctly, to make sure that the problem will not repeat itself.

Emergency garage door repair NY

We offer emergency garage door repairs in Irondequoit, for opener’s springs, commercial and residential garage door in Irondequoit. Whether you need a garage door repair in Irondequoit, a roll up gate repair in NY, or a commercial garage door repair in Webster, we can help. Contact us for a same day service in Irondequoit.

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